Robird Segal: A Murder of Segal(s) - Chapter One (2018)

Robird Segal is an 18 page black and white mini comic released Spring 2018. It tells the story of a seagull who may or may not know he’s a detective, and the the story of man he works with, who may or may not know his partner is a bird. This is the first of several planned chapters - Chapter Two is expected Fall 2019.

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Dream Machine: Jackpot (2018)

Dream Machine: Jackpot is a 15 page full color mini comic that was released Summer 2018. It is either the first in a series of vignettes about the staff and patrons of King Slayer: Golf & Games, or, the prologue of an original graphic novel.

Purchase Dream Machine: Jackpot digitally from Comixology.