Life After Roy (2019-)

Life After Roy is the ongoing semi-autobiographical (read: absurdist slice of life) story of Shane, and his wife Pamela. The series is a continuation of sorts of the previous web comic, Roy’s Boys, which ran from 2010-2013 and was co-created and illustrated by both Sean Kelley and Ron Chan. Below you will find all of the comic strips from the current iteration. If you’re interested in reading the previous run of Roy’s Boys, all three years have been archived on Ron’s website and can still be read in its entirety here.

Life After Roy is written and illustrated by Sean Kelley. Year One, Two and Three of Roy’s Boys has been collected previously and each is available for purchase either digitally on Comixology or in book format on Amazon (Year One, Year Two, Year Three).

Life After Roy and Roy’s Boys, copyright 2019, Sean Kelley & Ron Chan