Sean Kelley is a cartoonist, illustrator and licensed veterinary technician living and working in New York’s Capital Region. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2006. He enjoys gaming, cycling, hanging out with his cats, playing intramural sports, obsessing over the Mets, and occasionally mucking around with Game Maker Studio. Sean’s previous work includes the mini comics, Dream Machine: Jackpot! and Robird Segal: A Murder of Segal(s), Chapter One, with Jessica Wadleigh. Sean is currently working on new editions of both as well as the biweekly web comic, Life After Roy.

Sean is available for both comics and illustration work. Many of his original comics pages are available to purchase. Please contact him for rates and commissions. Please do not contact him about logo design - he doesn’t enjoy it and is frankly terrible at it :)

Instagram: @RudeAnimat0r
Tumblr: seandkelley
Twitter: @_seankelley
Email: negativepress (at) gmail.com